Monday, March 4, 2013

A whole bunch!

Since I'm not terribly fond of posting everyime I finish something, I'm doing the last few days in a bunch... first.. that farm painting that I mentioned in my last post... I did some more work on it & I am STILL not happy with it... not sure what direction to take it in at this point, but will probably let it sit for a while.. I'd like to figure out some way to make it more playful. I like what I did with the road.. and the trees. Maybe I could work some bricking into the leftmost building. The horse is something a baby could have done. Here's 3 pictures of it: the reference photo, the first draft from last week & the latest edition of it:

Suggestions welcome, I think... or maybe I just need to keep on painting & eventually I'll just get better. Maybe I'll come back to this or maybe I'll gesso it and paint over it.

I did 3 pictures from the book that I did the horse from. A couple of people thought that the horse was paint by number!  I'm not sure what to think of that, haha, but I sure hope that once I get better, my style won't LOOK paint by number-ish! This is the link to the book:

Foster Book 305 Acrylic: Animals

The one of Indy is my 3 year old dog.  It's my interpretation of the puppy (except I ended up not following the instructions in the book, just did it "my way").  We found Indy on the side of the road near where we were living 3 years ago on July 4th, 2010.  He was pretty ill, anemic from hookworms & needed a blood transfusion or else he would not be here today.  He was also tiny for the age the vet thought based on his teeth.. every time we went to see her, he was "older" than the last time... so here we had a 5 month old (possibly pure German Shepherd) weighing 11 pounds? WTF??? Once he started feeling better, he gained pretty quickly, and now weighs around 50 pounds, but his growth was badly stunted. The vet thinks he may have some blue heeler in him, but a lot of folks now think he's a German Shepherd. Anyway, he's sweet, happy & occasionally hyper... Here's the reference photo and painting: the eyes could use a little work. I'll come back to that another time since I want to practice painting a bit...also need some burnt umber, have been making brown, but I think umber would do the trick.

BTW, I did not use black paint to make his black fur... I'm happy about that!

The next two are an experiment: the first one is acrylic on watercolor paper and the other is acrylic on MDF board.  That was the first time I've done acrylic on watercolor paper. Fun!:


I got the next one out of this book