Saturday, December 21, 2019

Weaving info

Weaving info

If you have a small loom similar to one of the looms I sell or a Hokett loom or other small loom, here's a page with some info links and youtube videos for weaving, mostly tapestry:

Rebecca Mezoff's online classes: Rebecca's online classes
A good one to start with is her Little Looms course, but they're all good.

Here's a youtube of how to warp a Hokett loom

There's a tapestry weaving group on Ravelry and there are other groups that may discuss tapestry weaving, 
and several on Facebook... any other groups/links, please let me know in comments.

Book list:

Kathe Todd-Hooker, Tapestry 101.
 to see a sampler I wove by following Kathe's book, go here: 
   to follow progress, go to the October page and start at the bottom and work up... 
   the finished photo is here:
Kirsten Glasbrook, Tapestry Weaving

Nancy Harvey, Tapestry Weaving

Carol Russell, Tapestry Handbook
A quick tutorial can be found in Threads Magazine #41. You can find them on eBay, or you can join for $5.99/month (as of December 2019), to see and download the archived article.. there's a 14 day trial and you can find it here.

There may be other tapestry weaving articles, but the one in Threads #41 is what got me started. I even made the loom in that article several years ago! I no longer have it, so no photos of mine exist.

Rebecca Mezoff has a book on Tapestry basics, you can find it here. From her website: "It is not a comprehensive technique book (that is coming later). It is an adorable and fun look at a few tapestry tips.  The illustrations are so great, you might want one for the children in your life."

There's a book list on the Tapestry Weaving forum on Ravelry as well, but the above are my favorites.

If you have any suggestions for anything I should add (or change) from the able, let me know!