Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

 I made a vegan roast... we'll see how it comes out. It's from one of my favorite YouTuber's, The Vegan Zombie... from his holiday series... roast & gluten free stuffing.. (which is weird because the roast is NOT gluten free, but the stuffing is GF.. and it is SOOOO good.. cauliflower, carrots, onions, celery, spices...maybe someday there will be a gluten free roast..)

Here's a photo of it before baking:

And after, but before turning it over & covering it in parchment paper & wrapping in aluminum foil:

Later, when we get to our friend's, we'll remove the cheesecloth & reheat it... it looks dry, but this is before turning it over, which basted it. I also added the rest of the stuffing to it...the basting broth tastes a little spicy. I'm curious about how the roast tastes. That mini roast is for testing... I may try it before we go.

I read other recipes & rejected them for different reasons: mostly because of comments from others that made it. If I have time before we go, I may make a seitan only roast, or may save the comparison testing for another time.


I hope to get some knitting, spinning, and weaving time today... I want to finish the tuck scarflette, and work on Beekeeper's Cardigan, which I'm not sure I still like...I'll try to get someone to take a progress photo of it on me..and maybe swatch for a little more spinning for the Shetland socks, and maybe do a little weaving on the arched loom... wedge weaving perhaps, or a postcard...the arched loom makes a good postcard size, and if you're careful, you can make it sort of fringeless, or you can make a lot of fringe by warping around the loom. I'll post photos of it in a few days.

Did I mention that I still have some of Jim Hokett's cocobolo kits? They're 8 dent, and are the 'regular" 7" by 8" size. If you're in the US, you can order yours at this link.  You can also ask me about Cottage Creations patterns: I have a few left.

If anyone wants Jaggerspun yarn, now is a good time to order it as the prices will be going up around the middle of December... 

Photos from Archie Brennan/Susan Martin-Maffei workshop April 2015:

On Rebecca Mezoff's blog post here, she talks about meeting Archie & Susan, and others have talked about their experiences meeting them. Here's what I wrote:

"I went to a workshop in Weatherford, OK in April of 2015, at SWOSU, Southwest Oklahoma State U... He spoke with my son (then 13) about his unicycle for a bit on the last day.. my son also wove a bit with us that day.. Good memories!
Can we post pictures on here?"

Here are some photos:

I'd love to know who's following this blog! Leave a comment!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Random thoughts: wildfire,

Random thoughts:

On April 9th, 2009, the day we lost our house to a wildfire that claimed 9 houses in our town... If I had to do things over & grab 6 or 7 more things (I could have, the fire wasn't near our house yet), that loom would be one, my guitar, my Hagen loom, some yarn that I hand painted, and a little journal my mom wrote, and my computer... I was burned out on weaving, but it still would have been nice to have had that loom.

No one told me how hard it would be when kids moved out...especially when they live far or decide to estrange get so involved with caring for them, doing stuff with them, etc.. and then one day they're off. I'm proud of my boys, they've been through a lot, learned a lot...

I feel reasonably healthy & hope I don't find out I have some hidden cancer or something with a harsh treatment that'd ruin my health overall... my roommate, not so much.. last month, he had his gallbladder removed, and is still figuring out what's possible diet-wise... he had a quintuple bypass (traditional) last year.. has trouble breathing from emphysema..


I'm hoping to get some more natural colored fiber for my 2nd sock. I have about 250 yards spun so far, I think it's sport weight, so I'll need more yarn to finish this up.. I just found 3 colors that I need on eBay & hopefully I'll find some Ashland Bay grey shetland as well... I think I found some, but hopefully the seller will sell a smaller amount.

I'm further along now than the collage shows, have approximately 1/2 spun for the 2nd sock:

I've started a toe on the first sock:

Beekeeper is quiet, I want to finish it, but am not sure how long to make it before starting on the ribbing... I'd also like to make Stephen West's Penguono:

and have been collecting some older Chelsea silk yarns for it: 
plus a few other, pale yellow, greens, blues, etc... the skeins from the photo above have been "put away" in a "safe" place... not sure where...

I also have a scarf in progress... anthro inspired scarflet:

This isn't an updated photo... I'm about 3 or 4 inches beyond the slit. Before I embarked on knitting, I tried on a size 6 and 7 needle, and liked the 7 better...

Tata for now, my pretties!