Friday, January 24, 2020

Rustic Log Looms!

We have new looms coming to the website soon! They are I-shaped, and come in 5 or 8 dent, in 3 different sizes: 4" by 6", 4" by 9" and 8" by 10". Custom sizes are available as well. Email me if you'd like one before I get them on the website.

The last photo has a weaving in progress with a 4" weaving needle. I'm using an emery board to hold a place for one shed... a shed stick, a double pointed knitting needle, a bamboo stick, popsicle stick, and other things would all work for this purpose. I like the emory board because it's light and can open the shed a little bit. I discovered it when I was on the plane last spring and realized that I didn't have any crochet hooks,shed sticks or bamboo sticks with me. The only thing I could find that would work for the purpose was an emery board! If I'm using a crochet hook, I don't need anything to change the shed she since I can pick the shed with either end of my crochet hook...

I've also been spinning in the Spin Off Mitt-along

I'm spinning using the POF (ply on the fly) method: I'm spinning the singles "Z" and chain plying "S".  I'll do another blog post about this soon!

I'll be starting another spindle for the other mitten. Stay tuned to find out what pattern I decide to use for my mittens!

Happy Weaving & spinning, etc.!