Wednesday, August 31, 2016

29 Faces

4 years ago in September, I did close to 29 faces. I'm going to try doing it again this year.

Here's the link to the challenge blog if you'd like to join:

these are some of my faces I did in 2012, and I posted a few here as well. This is one of my favorites:

I'll try to get those promised photos of my knitting & needlepoint today!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

knitting & needlepoint & some weaving, too...

I thought I posted something about my latest knitting obses...project. It's this project here, but I don't have updated photos at the moment. I have a mystery yarn that I still have not found out what kind of yarn it is, but sometime in the next couple of weeks, I hope to make it to a yarn store to either find out what it might be, or find something it's compatible with.

I went through a bit of confusion with this yarn: I saw it on eBay: it was listed as a "bulky" wool yarn, but it's not much thicker than Aran or Chunky, closer to worsted weight... it also doesn't seem like 100% wool: when doing a burn test, it smells like wool, but beads up like acrylic in the end, so I think it's a wool-acrylic's very soft.

I put it aside & it kept popping up. I thought about giving it away or bringing it to the thrift store..finally, one day I put it in one of my boxes & didn't see it for a while... a couple of weeks ago, I found a pattern that I thought it would be perfect for, but I don't think I have enough to make that whole shawl. I don't have a McMorran balance to check the yardage of the day I'll get another one. I think this shawl would be rather nice in this yarn.

Anyway, I started knitting the shawl and decided to try a different yarn with the pattern until I can find more yarn to go with the other yarn: Red Heart "With Love" starting in Mango, and when I get to the hearts section, I'll switch over to the Fruit Punch color. Hopefully it'll be an easy care yarn.

It's a good project to work on while watching shows: lately I've been watching Big Bang Theory, but I'm about to watch The Addams Family movie, so I'll get a bit more done.

I've also been doing needlepoint. I have a small turtle project with different stitches that I keep in my back pack, and also have been working on another small project with 2 apples, a few green leaves & a yellow background. I'm still unsure about the yellow background, but I may jazz up the colors for it.

I'm practicing on the smaller pieces in preparation for a Unicorn in Captivity canvas I found on eBay. It's nice... while I'm practicing, I'm deciding on threads/colors for it. I'd like something sparkly for the dark blue background & will figure that out soon.

I also have a new-to-me Northfield Jori Jr loom... but haven't decided what to weave on it. I did a small piece on one of my copper looms using all the yarns from a kit... and forgot to measure the lengths of the strands. Oops. Here's that piece:

I need more practice weaving... this is lumpy, lumpy... also I was playing with dovetailing. I don't know if blocking will fix things: tapestry weaving likes to decide its' shape, which depends on the skill of the weaver!

Next piece, I may try more squares & rectangles, or may do some curvy pieces & circles.

I'll post photos of the shawls & apple & turtle pieces next time. Maybe the apples will be done! I'm done stitching the apples, need to finish the leaves & the background. I can only stitch needlepoint during the day when the lighting is better.

I found a video that shows how to block needlepoint... I don't have money to send my pieces to finishers, so I'll learn how to do it myself. I have a piece that my mom did & may take it to a finisher. I don't know yet; it depends on how my finish work turns out..