Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tapestry Weaving

Well, I don't know if I should revive my Rambling Warps blog or consider tapestry weaving a part of painting, since I'm painting with yarn... doesn't matter, I'll just post it here! :)

I did a postcard sized piece that I cut off the loom this morning... it's based on my Girl Blob character... I have a few drawings that I've done of her and did this piece on the loom:

The first picture is still on the loom & the 2nd one is off.
The photo is from my camera, 3 megapixels, so no enlarging or showing any details.  My point and shoot camera has gone into hiding, but I plan to get another sometime soon, maybe as soon as next week.

I still have to finish securing the warp ends on the back, wash & block & hopefully it will look straighter after blocking. if not, I'll just check it up to 2 things:

1: I need to learn how to weave straighter selvedges & 2: Girl Blob is not a neat & tidy, carefully made up & dressed character, so the edges can reflect her beautiful imperfections!
I had fun with this and loved doing her hair and the water.  Sometime before the week is up, I hope to do a painting of her sleeping... I have a few drawings colored with watercolor & inktense, but they will live in my sketchbook forever...

After it's blocked, I will attach a muslin backing and frame it somehow. I'm still not 100% sure how I'll frame & mount it yet, but I'll figure that out... I'm planning to hang it at the Chisholm Trail Artists Association art show on Saturday.