Saturday, May 20, 2017

A life of its own

Lately, my obsession is with spindle spinning. Back  in November, I got back into spinning because I wanted to be able to spin colors I didn't have on hand and got a couple of spindles & since then, it took on a life of its own! I still haven't made anything with the stuff I've spun, but I'm getting there! I do plan to weave with some, and almost tossed some singles onto a loom when I realized I still needed to wash and set the yarn first... or maybe I don't, not sure? I'll find out!

The fractal project has taken on a life of its own as well: I spun and plied the first 4 ounces and bought more to even out the 2 plies. I decided to work on the 2nd braid in the same fashion.... it's all spun up and since then, I've contacted the person who makes these beautiful braids (Friends in Fiber) for another braid and have been working on it. I don't know how long I'll be going this route.

It's interesting: when I finished the second braid, which is now waiting to be plied, I had to work out the color order since the longer color runs ended at a different spot from the first.

Anyway, pictures:

The second ply ball with new fiber being spun:

First braid plied & rolled into a ball:

The first ply ball in a skein!

Before skeining

I've also played a bit with 2 support spindles: one is a Ghstworks Russian (he's on Etsy & makes beautiful spindles.) I also have a tahkli, and i've spun cotton on both. I'm finding the Russian spindle to be slow going, but it's an interesting process. Whenever I pick up one of my turkish spindles, it's like coming home. I figure I'm still in the learning curve process with support spindling.

Last night I wound the yarn off and made ply balls... they're on a stick now, since I don't have a nostepinne.. I

Monday, March 20, 2017

Fun times at Weaving Rainbow!

I love my little Hokett looms, as well as the tools he makes. I've sold a fair few, and plan to sell more.

I'm planning on getting some mini warping reels. They are sooo adorable! They can warp up to 7 yards (depending on yarn thickness), and would be great for a short warp or a rigid heddle loom.

I wish I had some weaving to show off, but I've been a wee bit obsessed by spinning on spindles! Here's my latest plying project:


I hope to have the fractal ply on the niddy noddy sometime this week... this plying process JUST might be the thing to motivate me to get my wheel back in commission! I think the wingspan pattern may be a good one for this yarn, but I need to see how much yardage I can get out of this braid of yarn. If I need more, I have another 3 ounces, and if I need even more, I can get more from the seller I bought it from. I haven't measured to see how many wraps per inch I'm getting with this spin, but I'm guessing it's about DK or light's a fun project, and feeds my soul.

I have a couple of other spinning projects in progress as well, which can be seen on my instagram page
with weavingrainbow for the username.

In other news, I wonder if we're skipping summer a little bit this year? It's still March, buuuuut... I've heard that the wildflowers are going to be gorgeous!

Thursday, February 16, 2017


I recently started posting photos on Instagram. My username there is weavingrainbow.

You can see photos of my spinning adventures there, and here are a few:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 Tapestry Diary & Pink Pussy Hats for Women's March on Washington

I've got a diary planned for 2017... at the outset, I'll use my "legal pad" sized copper loom.. in a month or two, I'll get the parts for a loom using galvanized pipe. I checked a few places for pipe,and may get it locally or from Zoro... maybe it'll be the approach to 60 project and beyond... we'll see.

I got sidetracked from that for now to do a few pink pussy hats for the Women's March on Washington that'll be happening 2 weeks from today.

Once I get the hats going, I'll gt back to the copper loom. I don't know what I'll weave, but will definitely weave 2017 at the bottom. I'm not sure how I'll put the date... maybe Roman numerals?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Rebecca Mezoff's Little Looms course

I've been taking my time going through Rebecca Mezoff's new little looms course (check it out here) and enjoying it!

 I'll have to post some progress photos of my weaving, but here is a photo of some of the looms I have in stock, playing card style:

 I've also been spinning, with the idea that I'd like to spin some yarn for tapestry weaving. I have a cool spindle from TurtleMade, a 3d printed Standard spindle, and spin with it every so often. I also have a large Carry Cherry spindle from Russia, but only tried it briefly. I like it, it's just big!
Here's the TurtleMade with some spinning in progress:

Although Rebecca's course is not closed captioned, I'm finding it to be an excellent way to practice listening with my cochlear implant. I'm familiar with the subject, I'm able to pick out enough words to be able to follow along; watching her warp & weave is a bonus, and I would enjoy that even if I couldn't hear a thing! It really is exciting to be able to understand so many words... I do better with her course than I do in the audiologist's booth! 20% in the booth (with a challenging map, possibly better with my older September map) a wild guess, 50-60% with Rebecca's course & I understand enough words to fill in the others with context.

This isn't the blog I usually use to report CI progress, that's the Rambling Warps blog. I'll cut & paste this and expand a bit.  Here's the link.

Hopefully I'll have some more pretties to show you next time...I've got a couple more spindles on the way, 2 from SnyderSpindles on etsy, and some purple fleece (braid)...eventually I'll pick out a gradated one or two, or a few more colors.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hokett Looms at Weaving Rainbow

Hokett Looms are here! Click on Hokett Looms & Tools to get to the page.
At the moment, we only have 8 dent Original and Intermediate sized looms. More will be added as interest increases.

These looms are fun to weave on! They are portable. You can work on them on your lap or on a table. Jim Hokett has special stands for them.

More photos coming soon!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hokett Looms coming soon!

I have a few "regular" sized Hokett looms, and "intermediate" sized Hokett looms, and a couple of tools that are great for tapestry weaving. 

Right now, I only have 8 dent looms in the regular (original) and intermediate sizes in stock. I will be putting them on the website soon, hopefully early this week.  If you'd like to buy one, email me at weavingrainbow (at) gmail dot com, or leave a comment.  Here are some details about the stuff I have:


They're about 7" wide by 8" long. The weaving area is approximately 6" by 6-1/4".  
There are slots at the top and bottom for warping. You can warp by putting your warp thread into the slot and wrapping around to the next tooth. You don't need to warp around the back.
There are videos that show how to do this.

The looms are shaped like a capital "I" and shaped so it can be held in one hand. 

They are made with a variety of exotic and domestic hardwoods.  8-dent $30.00 each.

HAND LOOMS, INTERMEDIATE: Same as “ORIGINAL”, but about 9" wide and 10" long.  Weaving area is 8" x 8-1/4”.
 8-dent $50.00 each.

BEATERS, TINY BARB:  Ideal for tapestry work on a variety of looms.  About 3/16” x 1” and 2” to 4” long with a hole in the end to string yarn or cord so that you can hang it from your neck!  Teeth about 1/4” long.  Wide variety of exotics and domestic woods.  $6.00 each.

SHED STICK, DOUBLE ENDED:  Each end tapered and shaped.  Great for picking up warp threads & holding them open.  Variety of woods.  About ¼” x 1/2” x 7” - $6.00 each.

This is my regular sized loom with a tiny barb beater, little beater, needle & shuttle. I keep it in a Moon Pie tin along with some yarn, and other accessories. Fun!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Looking for ideas part 2 (A to Z challenge... and a few words about being blocked...

I forgot to post the A to Z list, it's down below!

At what point does an artist know what to draw, paint, weave, knit, sculpt, etc.?
Sometimes you just know, and when that happens, the process seems to flow.

When it doesn't, it's an artist block.
It's still good to keep trying... fake it til you make it.

I had one of my small looms, a new-to-me Northfield Jori loom, in my lap and started weaving some little squares, and decided to dovetail the edges. That was a mental exercise. I'm not what I'll do after that. So many possibilities... but I'm not sure which one.

Last February, I had an idea, and the idea started from "maybe a Tardis" to what I sent to the Tapestry Unlimited show, shown on this blog entry (you gotta click this to see it!). I was walking back from the yarn store in Austin, and knew that I needed to go back for a certain yarn, because it would be good for a starry night sky.

Another time, there was a picture of an owl in my loom from several months or more prior, and one day I decide to weave it with some words:

It was a process, it flowed, it fed my soul while I worked on it. I love words, though weaving them is sloooow.  Sarah Swett has a way with words, both printed, and woven... her woven words are fabulous!

I started doing an alphabet sampler, I called it XYZ and I put it aside for some time, and when I pulled it out, it was ruined... maybe mice got to it, but I may see if I can do something with it, perhaps mount it on another piece, and go from there..find some way to secure the loose ends.

We'll see how this another time if I  still have the piece! 

Here is the list of things I did for the A to Z project:

A: Abstract
B & C: Bluebonnets in a Can
D: Dancer
E: Evan
F: Feet
G: Gary
H: Harrison
I: Indy
J: Jimbo & the Rev
K: Kittens
L: Laborador (Daisy) (and Reuven)
N & O: Needlework Owl
R: Reuven (with Daisy under "L")

So I've got A through L, N, O and R... missing M, P, Q, S through Z... eleven more.






Sunday, October 9, 2016

Looking for ideas: 29 Faces

Yesterday, I was going through my blog to copy the photos over to my Flickr account so we have them in one place. Patchworkgirl57 is my username. Most photos are designated family & friends, so if you're one of the above, leave a comment.

While going through the comments, I found the 29 faces challenge from May of 2012, and the A to Z challenge, but I didn't finish either, so why not make that the project for the rest of this month or year? I thought I wanted to do 29 faces last month, but no luck there.

Here's the list of faces that I did. The list may not be complete:

May 7: Jessica (art group model)
May 9: Indian Blanket Face
May 13: Doodle face: imaginary face, white ink/black paper
May 14: 3 portrait drawings of our art group model
May 17: Imaginary face in ink from this tutorial
May 18: oil pastel face, imaginary
May 20: Nannie (ink)
May 21: Donna Summer (ink)
May 23: Donna Summer (watercolor)
May 23: Jimbo (ink)
May 27: wacky watercolor
May 27: orange haired imaginary face, elegant lady
May 29: 3 pictures of Frida Kahlo
May 29: imaginary guy
May 30: self portrait

Doodle face:  white imaginary face on black paper

I found 19 photos from that other blog.. they're not necessarily in order... so 10 more!







I'll post about the A to Z challenge in another blog, another day.  

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

29 Faces

4 years ago in September, I did close to 29 faces. I'm going to try doing it again this year.

Here's the link to the challenge blog if you'd like to join:

these are some of my faces I did in 2012, and I posted a few here as well. This is one of my favorites:

I'll try to get those promised photos of my knitting & needlepoint today!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

knitting & needlepoint & some weaving, too...

I thought I posted something about my latest knitting obses...project. It's this project here, but I don't have updated photos at the moment. I have a mystery yarn that I still have not found out what kind of yarn it is, but sometime in the next couple of weeks, I hope to make it to a yarn store to either find out what it might be, or find something it's compatible with.

I went through a bit of confusion with this yarn: I saw it on eBay: it was listed as a "bulky" wool yarn, but it's not much thicker than Aran or Chunky, closer to worsted weight... it also doesn't seem like 100% wool: when doing a burn test, it smells like wool, but beads up like acrylic in the end, so I think it's a wool-acrylic's very soft.

I put it aside & it kept popping up. I thought about giving it away or bringing it to the thrift store..finally, one day I put it in one of my boxes & didn't see it for a while... a couple of weeks ago, I found a pattern that I thought it would be perfect for, but I don't think I have enough to make that whole shawl. I don't have a McMorran balance to check the yardage of the day I'll get another one. I think this shawl would be rather nice in this yarn.

Anyway, I started knitting the shawl and decided to try a different yarn with the pattern until I can find more yarn to go with the other yarn: Red Heart "With Love" starting in Mango, and when I get to the hearts section, I'll switch over to the Fruit Punch color. Hopefully it'll be an easy care yarn.

It's a good project to work on while watching shows: lately I've been watching Big Bang Theory, but I'm about to watch The Addams Family movie, so I'll get a bit more done.

I've also been doing needlepoint. I have a small turtle project with different stitches that I keep in my back pack, and also have been working on another small project with 2 apples, a few green leaves & a yellow background. I'm still unsure about the yellow background, but I may jazz up the colors for it.

I'm practicing on the smaller pieces in preparation for a Unicorn in Captivity canvas I found on eBay. It's nice... while I'm practicing, I'm deciding on threads/colors for it. I'd like something sparkly for the dark blue background & will figure that out soon.

I also have a new-to-me Northfield Jori Jr loom... but haven't decided what to weave on it. I did a small piece on one of my copper looms using all the yarns from a kit... and forgot to measure the lengths of the strands. Oops. Here's that piece:

I need more practice weaving... this is lumpy, lumpy... also I was playing with dovetailing. I don't know if blocking will fix things: tapestry weaving likes to decide its' shape, which depends on the skill of the weaver!

Next piece, I may try more squares & rectangles, or may do some curvy pieces & circles.

I'll post photos of the shawls & apple & turtle pieces next time. Maybe the apples will be done! I'm done stitching the apples, need to finish the leaves & the background. I can only stitch needlepoint during the day when the lighting is better.

I found a video that shows how to block needlepoint... I don't have money to send my pieces to finishers, so I'll learn how to do it myself. I have a piece that my mom did & may take it to a finisher. I don't know yet; it depends on how my finish work turns out..

Friday, April 22, 2016

U/U Tapestry update.

The tapestry was mailed a few weeks ago. I forgot to update that I did some more work on the tapestry: I didn't like the way the ukulele came out, so I wove another and attached it to the tapestry:

The photo of the tiny uke above was taken on top of my ukulele case!

Here's the completed tapestry:

Monday, March 28, 2016

Untitled/Unjuried and almost Unplanned tapestry

I recently completed my piece for the ATA Untitled/Unjuried show that will be held in Minneapolis this summer. It took me about a week to weave, several months to hem & haw about & I finally got closer to an idea for what composition I would weave when we were in Austin at the end of February.  At first, it was going to be based on Starry Night with a Tardis, and then I decided I wanted to put something musically related and thought "hmm, one of the 3 musicans (Picasso)"? So that's what i've got. The piece is titled "One of the 3 musicians and a ukulele". Maybe the word "unplanned" should be in it somewhere... I'm not sure. I started out with this idea:

Then decided to eliminate the Tardis & the Musician... as I wove, I decided to put the musician in after all, and wove it:

Tomorrow, I'll mail it.

I used different yarns & some silk hankie fiber. Wool, wool-silk, and even a wool blend that had some acrylic in it. I made an exception for this piece because I saw the yarn & thought it would be great for the squiggles. I'm happiest with how the sky came out in this entire piece. Eventually, maybe I'll do better with musical instruments, if I decide to weave them again...

I re-warped half of the loom right away, this time with cotton seine twine. We'll see how I like it, but my first love is wool. Sarah Swett feels the same way and discussed it in this blog entry. I think I decided that I like wool warp from the early days when I was playing with Navajo weaving.

I have another project coming up that I'm kind of excited about, a fake journal. Roz Stendahl started it.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do in my fake journal, we'll see... be another person or be in a different time or dimension or WHAT? Older? Younger? Dunno... We'll see. I'll decide on Thursday... I picked up a few books from the thrift store to take apart to put new paper in... OR I might get an art journal, perhaps the Strathmore mixed media book... or both.