Saturday, December 3, 2016

Rebecca Mezoff's Little Looms course

I've been taking my time going through Rebecca Mezoff's new little looms course (check it out here) and enjoying it!

 I'll have to post some progress photos of my weaving, but here is a photo of some of the looms I have in stock, playing card style:

 I've also been spinning, with the idea that I'd like to spin some yarn for tapestry weaving. I have a cool spindle from TurtleMade, a 3d printed Standard spindle, and spin with it every so often. I also have a large Carry Cherry spindle from Russia, but only tried it briefly. I like it, it's just big!
Here's the TurtleMade with some spinning in progress:

Although Rebecca's course is not closed captioned, I'm finding it to be an excellent way to practice listening with my cochlear implant. I'm familiar with the subject, I'm able to pick out enough words to be able to follow along; watching her warp & weave is a bonus, and I would enjoy that even if I couldn't hear a thing! It really is exciting to be able to understand so many words... I do better with her course than I do in the audiologist's booth! 20% in the booth (with a challenging map, possibly better with my older September map) a wild guess, 50-60% with Rebecca's course & I understand enough words to fill in the others with context.

This isn't the blog I usually use to report CI progress, that's the Rambling Warps blog. I'll cut & paste this and expand a bit.  Here's the link.

Hopefully I'll have some more pretties to show you next time...I've got a couple more spindles on the way, 2 from SnyderSpindles on etsy, and some purple fleece (braid)...eventually I'll pick out a gradated one or two, or a few more colors.