Monday, October 17, 2016

Looking for ideas part 2 (A to Z challenge... and a few words about being blocked...

I forgot to post the A to Z list, it's down below!

At what point does an artist know what to draw, paint, weave, knit, sculpt, etc.?
Sometimes you just know, and when that happens, the process seems to flow.

When it doesn't, it's an artist block.
It's still good to keep trying... fake it til you make it.

I had one of my small looms, a new-to-me Northfield Jori loom, in my lap and started weaving some little squares, and decided to dovetail the edges. That was a mental exercise. I'm not what I'll do after that. So many possibilities... but I'm not sure which one.

Last February, I had an idea, and the idea started from "maybe a Tardis" to what I sent to the Tapestry Unlimited show, shown on this blog entry (you gotta click this to see it!). I was walking back from the yarn store in Austin, and knew that I needed to go back for a certain yarn, because it would be good for a starry night sky.

Another time, there was a picture of an owl in my loom from several months or more prior, and one day I decide to weave it with some words:

It was a process, it flowed, it fed my soul while I worked on it. I love words, though weaving them is sloooow.  Sarah Swett has a way with words, both printed, and woven... her woven words are fabulous!

I started doing an alphabet sampler, I called it XYZ and I put it aside for some time, and when I pulled it out, it was ruined... maybe mice got to it, but I may see if I can do something with it, perhaps mount it on another piece, and go from there..find some way to secure the loose ends.

We'll see how this another time if I  still have the piece! 

Here is the list of things I did for the A to Z project:

A: Abstract
B & C: Bluebonnets in a Can
D: Dancer
E: Evan
F: Feet
G: Gary
H: Harrison
I: Indy
J: Jimbo & the Rev
K: Kittens
L: Laborador (Daisy) (and Reuven)
N & O: Needlework Owl
R: Reuven (with Daisy under "L")

So I've got A through L, N, O and R... missing M, P, Q, S through Z... eleven more.






Sunday, October 9, 2016

Looking for ideas: 29 Faces

Yesterday, I was going through my blog to copy the photos over to my Flickr account so we have them in one place. Patchworkgirl57 is my username. Most photos are designated family & friends, so if you're one of the above, leave a comment.

While going through the comments, I found the 29 faces challenge from May of 2012, and the A to Z challenge, but I didn't finish either, so why not make that the project for the rest of this month or year? I thought I wanted to do 29 faces last month, but no luck there.

Here's the list of faces that I did. The list may not be complete:

May 7: Jessica (art group model)
May 9: Indian Blanket Face
May 13: Doodle face: imaginary face, white ink/black paper
May 14: 3 portrait drawings of our art group model
May 17: Imaginary face in ink from this tutorial
May 18: oil pastel face, imaginary
May 20: Nannie (ink)
May 21: Donna Summer (ink)
May 23: Donna Summer (watercolor)
May 23: Jimbo (ink)
May 27: wacky watercolor
May 27: orange haired imaginary face, elegant lady
May 29: 3 pictures of Frida Kahlo
May 29: imaginary guy
May 30: self portrait

Doodle face:  white imaginary face on black paper

I found 19 photos from that other blog.. they're not necessarily in order... so 10 more!







I'll post about the A to Z challenge in another blog, another day.