Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ATA Untitled/Unjuried Small Format Tapestry show 2014 "Flyin' Cat"

This morning, I mailed my tapestry to the ATA Untitled/Unjuried small format show in Rhode Island:

I think it is 9" by 7.5" but I forgot to double check the measurements before mailing.. oops.

BTW, people who are familiar with cats will get the reference to cats flying... they don't actually fly, but they do some amazing long jumps. Our cats have been known to give me heimlich maneuvers with some of those #%$^&*() ing long jumps!! (Usually it's a jump from a high spot next to where I'm sitting, though...)

There is an awesome YouTube video of a past show here, enjoy!:

Pacific Portals YouTube video

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