Monday, October 27, 2014

it's been a while...

I haven't woven in a while, but I am trying to clear up some space in my room so it is easier to get to the Crisp loom. I have to go slowly with that (clearing stuff up) since my back has been acting up.  I also got sidetracked by my cochlear implant surgery.. first recovery, then learning how to listen with it, etc... and trying to clear up stuff in my room. You can read about my CI journey at my other blog: Rambling Warps

I have a small piece on the Crisp loom that is based on an abstract I did a few years ago... and I should finish the alphabet tapestry & do something with one of my legal paper sized looms..

I'm trying to come up with some things I can weave: I put 3 pieces into the art guild show that ran from August through late October: an owl (which sold), rays & one of my little Girl Blob tapestries. I think I have a photo of the owl, if not, I will track down the new owner to see about getting a good photo of it.

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