Friday, March 27, 2015

Locker hooking

I've been putting some locker hooking ideas together... I want to do some patterns that are already painting/printed on canvas, one of a duck that I've had for a couple of years or so... I'm doing the duck a little differently than the design on the canvas... I may try putting in some lettering along the lines of protecting wildlife. Here's the beginning of that canvas... I've made more progress on it since I've started, but I haven't taken any new photos. I think I got this canvas from one of the local thrift stores. If it's what I'm thinking of, it came with some strips and an aluminum locker hook, but that may another project I'm thinking of.

I figured out a way to do these points with a continuous strand of fiber. I'm using Briggs & Little country roving (which can be found on my website and by clicking on "country roving"). I'm using 6 strands of the fiber instead of the 5 that it comes with because it fits the holes best that way. This canvas is 3.3 holes to the inch.

I'm showing the back to show how I keep the roving going continuously.

The way I do it is to work the shape back and forth and the straight edge is the last loop in each shape... when I get to the top of the shape, I work back to the bottom of the section, keeping the loops oriented correctly and then do another shape... 

I could also do each shape individulally without the single column at the straight edge and cut the yarn, but that would be a lot of weaving in (which could be done as you go OR a bunch at a time. Working line by line would probably give a similar effect of the piece I'll show below...but then I would have to have several pieces of roving in progress for each point... which might not be so bad!   

This morning, I pulled out a "swatch" that I did several years ago using carded batts turned into thick and thin roving... I did a larger piece that was probably lost in our house fire in 2009... this piece was in our storage space:

It isn't finshed, probably 2 or 3 rows to go... the canvas is distorted and somewhat compressed...the fiber is probably too thick for it to lay flat, though blocking it may help... here is a closeup and you can see that the canvas holes are no longer properly square:

Here's the back:

Yes, I know.... messy messy... if I finish this piece I'll weave the ends in... it still won't be a 2 sided piece because you can still see the canvas peeking through in between rows.. not to mention the "jumps":

I don't remember the details about the fiber. I may have dyed some of it, but I don't think so...

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