Sunday, October 9, 2016

Looking for ideas: 29 Faces

Yesterday, I was going through my blog to copy the photos over to my Flickr account so we have them in one place. Patchworkgirl57 is my username. Most photos are designated family & friends, so if you're one of the above, leave a comment.

While going through the comments, I found the 29 faces challenge from May of 2012, and the A to Z challenge, but I didn't finish either, so why not make that the project for the rest of this month or year? I thought I wanted to do 29 faces last month, but no luck there.

Here's the list of faces that I did. The list may not be complete:

May 7: Jessica (art group model)
May 9: Indian Blanket Face
May 13: Doodle face: imaginary face, white ink/black paper
May 14: 3 portrait drawings of our art group model
May 17: Imaginary face in ink from this tutorial
May 18: oil pastel face, imaginary
May 20: Nannie (ink)
May 21: Donna Summer (ink)
May 23: Donna Summer (watercolor)
May 23: Jimbo (ink)
May 27: wacky watercolor
May 27: orange haired imaginary face, elegant lady
May 29: 3 pictures of Frida Kahlo
May 29: imaginary guy
May 30: self portrait

Doodle face:  white imaginary face on black paper

I found 19 photos from that other blog.. they're not necessarily in order... so 10 more!







I'll post about the A to Z challenge in another blog, another day.  

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