Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hokett Looms coming soon!

I have a few "regular" sized Hokett looms, and "intermediate" sized Hokett looms, and a couple of tools that are great for tapestry weaving. 

Right now, I only have 8 dent looms in the regular (original) and intermediate sizes in stock. I will be putting them on the website soon, hopefully early this week.  If you'd like to buy one, email me at weavingrainbow (at) gmail dot com, or leave a comment.  Here are some details about the stuff I have:


They're about 7" wide by 8" long. The weaving area is approximately 6" by 6-1/4".  
There are slots at the top and bottom for warping. You can warp by putting your warp thread into the slot and wrapping around to the next tooth. You don't need to warp around the back.
There are videos that show how to do this.

The looms are shaped like a capital "I" and shaped so it can be held in one hand. 

They are made with a variety of exotic and domestic hardwoods.  8-dent $30.00 each.

HAND LOOMS, INTERMEDIATE: Same as “ORIGINAL”, but about 9" wide and 10" long.  Weaving area is 8" x 8-1/4”.
 8-dent $50.00 each.

BEATERS, TINY BARB:  Ideal for tapestry work on a variety of looms.  About 3/16” x 1” and 2” to 4” long with a hole in the end to string yarn or cord so that you can hang it from your neck!  Teeth about 1/4” long.  Wide variety of exotics and domestic woods.  $6.00 each.

SHED STICK, DOUBLE ENDED:  Each end tapered and shaped.  Great for picking up warp threads & holding them open.  Variety of woods.  About ¼” x 1/2” x 7” - $6.00 each.

This is my regular sized loom with a tiny barb beater, little beater, needle & shuttle. I keep it in a Moon Pie tin along with some yarn, and other accessories. Fun!

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