Saturday, September 28, 2013

sampler under way

I'm currently doing a sampler because I had trouble with some techniques when working on the last piece I wove (shown on my blog back in June, I figured a little help with joins would be wise.. and while reading about the sampler, I had forgotten about lazy lines for large blocks of color.  I'm still wondering about them, maybe under a certain size, they aren't necessary?

I'm following Kathe Todd Hooker's book, Tapestry 101 at the moment (but using butterflies because bobbins aren't in the budget & I can't find 4" golf tees locally & don't think I want to use dowels either... even Glimakra's bobbins at $3.50 each aren't in the budget at the moment... so.. butterflies. 

I'm and also reading my other books about the technique. Although this can be confusing, I'm finding that reading one, then reading another helps clarify things & also once I started working on the wavy lines technique, i found it interesting that Carol Russell's instructions for the inital wavy lines selvedge was done horizontally instead of in sections as shown in Tapestry 101.

Just for grins, I may try weaving a block of solid (or semi-solid, for interest, but ONE YARN) color, weaving straight across on one of the paperback looms & using lazy lines, same yarn, same warp, same size on another piece & compare. Might not be able to see the difference in that small scale, though?  I may not do this, but it's an idea... 

Still no pictures, partly because the background where the loom is located is a mess right now & partly because only a little bit is done, and partly because it's a cloudy day... maybe tomorrow... maybe I'll just cover up the mess...or put a cloth behind the loom (which would show the weaving better, anyway!)

The loom calls! Ta-ta my pretties!

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