Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Rough Week

Last Thursday, one of the high school seniors drowned at the lake by the high school... he was one of my son's friends, and was set to graduate on May 25th, and join the marines after that. The funeral will be on Wednesday... here is the link to the GoFundMe for his funeral expenses:


On top of that, one of my sons is having trouble with his car and Gary is going to help him with it.

If any customers/potential customers are reading this: this is why I'm getting orders processed/packed more slowly. Hopefully on Thursday, I'll be able to get everything caught up enough to get everything to the post office on Friday, or, if we get to Denton on Saturday, we can drop packages off then...

In other news: on Saturday, I took some looms to our Second Monday, which is a market... didn't do well at all (bad space, plus I wasn't completely prepared... but I learned some things for next time, which may not be until Fall unless I decide to spring for a spot in the Community Center. I don't think this area would be good for this type of crafts..

While there, I worked on weaving this circle:

weaving a circle...

Also, I think for the first time since I've known Gary, I weigh less than he does. I've been eating mostly vegan since October & it has helped tremendously with heartburn. I am trying to fine tune things to make sure I get everything I need nutritionally, like b12.

Going to try to rest now!

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