Saturday, July 7, 2018

Beekeeper's Cardigan, Tour de Fleece & more...

I've been thinking about how you some people say that we need to take care of ourselves or we can't be good for others...

For me, taking care of me is immersing myself in a project. The other day, a friend posted about the beekeeper's cardigan on Facebook & it looked interesting. Several people are doing it and some are trying to do it in 4 (???!?!?!?!!!) days.  the comraderie of a knitalong has often been special to me... or a weave along... 

Here are my updated photos of the Beekeeper's Cardigan from yesterday:

Neither photo shows the "iris" as mimeograph purple: it looks blue on my screen. The 2nd photo has Fuschia added and there will be a bit more next time I update... I'm getting close to where I can close the sleeve section...

The other thing that was good was walking a LOT in NY.. I figure I walked between 5-8 miles each day I was there... here in Texas, I don't LIKE walking, it's hot & it's just not the same. I can't even convince myself to walk in better weather, because we don't HAVE to walk everywhere. We walked a couple of blocks from the car to a couple of stores yesterday, and I felt like I was dragging...but that could be because I haven't been walking much since I got home.

I'm also doing Tour d Fleece: today is the first day of Tour d France & 2 of my teams are following that schedule, and the other 2 just go all month:

Yarn Therapy Zone (all month)
Frank Williams Aussie (all month)
Inglenook Fibers (TDF, July 7-27)
Mirkwood Spindles (TDF, July 7-27)

I've been trying to finish up my sock yarn spin, but am still working on that.. for TdF, I've wanted to spin cotton & non-wool fibers... I've been doing a practice spin of silk & flax, and will do a bit more of that later, hopefully... I have 2 braids of that fiber from Inglenook.. and 2 braids of cotton fiber from Blue Mountain fibers.

I haven't quiiite decided how to spin either... spin end to end and then Navajo ply, or break up the braids somehow... maybe 2 ply, I'm not sure... the silk-flax may be okay as singles yarn, but I think I want to 2 ply or Navajo ply the cotton.. we'll see.

Here's the link to this year's Untitled/Unjuried show, Biggest Little Tapestries:

Mine is the Palmetto tapestry, 3rd down on the left, it's still on a Hoket tiny loom. That piece was woven around the beginning of a difficult time of my life... things are still uncertain... life always is... 1st world problems, probably, but we find our ways to move on. 

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