Wednesday, February 10, 2021

One of our cats, Benzie, has severe skin issues, which we've been working on with our vet... he's been wearing a cone 24-7 and last night I put a onesie on him (not snapped).... this past weekend, he managed to get the cone off. I found something that he'll be able to wear that hopefully will help and allow him to spend some time cone-free... the reason for the cone is he goes overboard with the bathing & has torn himself up pretty badly. He's also taking some medications... but we're weaning him off the prednisone so that 6 weeks after he's been prednisone-free, the vet can do a skin biopsy & hopefully we'll have some answers. Poor guy! It's definitely not fleas, or else our other cat, Othello, would also be having issues & we know that there are flea products that fix that... 

LeClerc Tissart Tapestry Loom

ANYWAY, some cool news: I found someone that's Giving AWAY my dream loom... it's a Leclerc Tissart.. it's 45", I would have loved a 60", but it's free.. (well mostly, I'm having it shipped through uShip.. got a bid on it today, which I accepted).. 

It'll have to be assembled and I'll need another part for it, and I've spoken to someone who said I probably can get it easily enough.. we'll see when it gets here...
I say it's my dream loom, but I've never met one in person...


Home Renovation

Work on the upstairs has gone well so far... all that's left is to pull out nails in the sub-floor and finish pulling out the old flooring in the rooms we haven't already pulled them out of... clean up and then put the new flooring down. We have plank vinyl for the upstairs rooms. Then the baseboards/trim, new lighting & the boys can move upstairs and I can start setting up my studio.


Knitting wips: 

  Haunted Hanukkah shawl (Forbidden Fiber)
  Slipstravaganza (Westknits)
  Thick socks (generic socks, toe up.. working on the leg part now)

Cross Stitch wips:

 Wakanda Forever
 Mandala SAL (Nichole Young)
  Random French knots in a Hoop
  Beside the Sea SAL



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