Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Tissart assembly getting closer!

Early July, the floors upstairs were completed...yay! I've started to set up the studio...

 First up will be painting the walls white (from some offwhite-beige-y color), cleaning the floor, & deciding on lighting...right now, that room's lighting sucks: the lighting in the (large) room outside the studio (currently a junk landing room, I guess we can call it a game room) is connected to the light inside the studio..also both rooms may need a second air conditioner vent. I'm not sure what's involved with that, although it seems like the game room may be picking up air conditioning from the upstairs, so that may be a good thing...

Once the first section of the studio is painted, I'll move the metal shelves in & start setting up the clear plastic tubs... once that's done,I can paint the other half of the studio and set up the looms. The LeClerc Tissart tapestry loom will need to be assembled. I'll take pictures & maybe I'll even do a video of the process... the Hammett loom will need to be slightly disassembled to get it into the room from the garage... the other looms are more portable. I also have a spinning wheel, which will need some repairs before I can use it again...

Last month was a rough one. Last week, we were rear-ended in rush hour traffic, which resulted in the car being pushed into the car in front of us, messing up both ends. Insurance declared it a total loss, paid the loan back & I was able to put down the same amount for a down payment for another Subaru Forester. The other one was a 2013, this one is a 2015.

Then on Wednesday July 14th, at 3am, one of our cats, Bartleby died. We were trying to get him to emergency care when he passed. We were 2 minutes from there when he stopped breathing. If your cat is spending a lot of time around the litter box, take them to the vet asap.

Then Gary said he was having bad chest pains, so off to the ER we went. To make a long story short, he got another stent.  While Gary was still in the hospital, I buried Bartleby under a tree in the paddock.

Today I'm going to be doing a few things around the house...progress photos as soon as I have something to show!

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