Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! 

I don't do resolutions but have found 2 challenges that I'd like to do: is Piece A Week, which is a private Facebook group.  If you're interested in joining, post a comment & I'll let you know more about it.

The other one is a painting a day for 30 days also known as 30x30...

I reserve the right to not complete all 30 days this month (or ever), but I'll try. 
For starters, since I don't know what I want to paint or what size I want to paint, I'll try different sizes of MDF board that I have, and I've got several pieces in several different sizes... I'll be painting with Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic (from a 12 tube set) and will mostly be using palette knives and may do some Inktense, watercolor or colored pencil paintings... here is a picture of my paintbox:

It's messy, I use a folding table for an "easel" and I tossed a few paintbrushes, pallette knives & one possibility for a color mixing pallete.

I don't know yet what I'm going to paint for subjects, but I'll try different things and go from there...

As far as posting, I'll probably post twice a week...

To see other stuff I've done, check out my regular blog particularly April & May 2012...

Let the madness begin!

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