Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scratch the 30 paintings in 30 days for this month... I need to do some exercises and learn some painting techniques... maybe I can do a 30x30 another time! Will stick with Piece A Week, though...

What happened was I did a drawing a couple of days ago & then ruined the drawing by labelling the stones with letters to designate which would be lighter & which would be darker, otherwise it might have been a decent drawing! It was of our rock shed with some Wannabe Trees around it... the painting looks okay from a distance but horrid up close... not sure if I'll take a picture or not.

The other issue I have is most of the masonite panels I have are too big. I think I have some more someplace, but I'm not sure where at the moment.  Sometime in the next couple of days I'll go get another piece & have it cut up into sizes like 9x12 and 8x10 and maybe square and maybe 6x8 but no bigger than 12x12...

That's that for now!

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