Friday, January 11, 2013

First painting of 2013, not finished

Here's the first painting I did this year, it's not finished & the painting is now different from how it looks here.. and not necessarily for the better. I don't know if I'll keep working on it or not. I kind of muddied up the rock shed when I did some more work on it, but I may play with it. I've a *long* way to go yet!

The photo quality is poor, but I used my phone camera in iffy lighting. But I'm okay with that because it's an image that's less likely to get stolen! Without further ado: 

                                            The Rock Shed & Emma's Resting Place:

This is done in acrylic, heavy body...

I'm somewhat obsessed with getting this a bit right-er, but what I'll probably do is try a few small studies & maybe come back to this subject and will probably do a bit more on this board.

The other day, I was at Home Depot and I picked up a framing blade for our table saw so that I could cut up the MDF board pieces to smaller sizes...

Yesterday I did a couple of drawings outside... 
I want to play with different subjects, leaning on landscape/townscapes & come up with a style that I'm happy with.. and I'd also like to be able to do something that might make one wonder if it's a photograph or painting.. just to be able to do it, not as my style... :)

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