Friday, September 6, 2013

Building a loom

The process of building my larger loom is going slow, but we're having to gather all the needed pieces. Today the bottom spring kits came for the 22" wide loom and the smaller 10-1/2" loom. The 8" spring kit fit perfectly in between the elbows at the top of the smaller loom:

I loosened the warp so that I could install the tray for the sping & then put a spring in and then put all the warps in place. I used the 8 dent spring.  Since the loom was already warped, I didn't want to take the warp off to re-do it, so I have 2 or 3 extra warps on each side.  It'll be nice not having to adjust the spacing of the warps before each weaving session!

I plan to take out the green header seen in the above (2nd) photo and doing it over so that the spacing lines up with the spring...

The following 2 photos show Gary using the torch to solder the elbows to the top section of the loom:

There is still more assembly to do and we need to pick up the 24" threaded rods from one of the hardware stores next week.

We've been taking care of a kitty in the park, bringing food and trying to develop trust.  I don't know if it's a male or female, but s/he is cautiously friendly.  The last 3 times, s/he has been sitting closer  to us, but won't let us get close tnough to pet. The kitty's name is Pelham, after the park. 

Off to paint...

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  1. Hi Jessica, you left a comment over at my but I couldn't send you a direct response, so I will post here :) The golves were called Knitter's Gloves and I got them at Joanns fabric and craft store. I have seen other kinds at other stores since then. They really do help.
    By the way, nice little copper loom! I am personally just starting the hunt for a floor stand tapestry loom.


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