Monday, September 23, 2013

Since I wrote last, I picked up a Crisp tapestry loom.  I have it warped with the warp that was on it: I pulled out the 1 or 2" of weft (acrylic, eeek!) and then I undid the warp and rolled it into 3 balls. (There were 3 knots in the warp, so I made 3 balls since I don't want to warp all the way across right now.  The warp feels like some kind of strong cotton. (It doesn't break easily when I pull with my hands.) I wonder if it is carpet warp?

 Here is a photo of the loom at the seller's, I still have not taken my own photos of it:

I put on 51 or 61 strands (51 plus the edges: 3 as 1 and 2 as one, which I'm hoping will give me straight selvedges).. so far I like the loom & the tensioner is great..  the shedding device is simple & I may come up with some other shedding device for it later on, I don't know: right now, I use the "magic heddle" to create enough of a shed to stick a shed stick in, and since my loom came with 2 simple shuttles, I'm using one of them as a shed stick since I won't be using either of them to carry yarn... that's just not my way, besides I'd have to have a zillion of them: one for each color.

I haven't tried bobbins (maybe I tried them years ago, I don't remember) and it looks like I'll be using my fingers to pull the weft through the shed instead of a crochet hook, so I may learn how to wind a butterfly properly: in the past, I've had trouble keeping a butterfly from making a huge tangly mess, so maybe I WILL use bobbins, I don't know.  With my smaller looms, I have been able to leave a long length of yarn like one would use for needlepoint or cross stitch, but with the bigger looms, this could be problematic, so I will see!

I won't need to use a crochet hook to pull the weft through the sheds now that I can have EITHER shed open. This is awesome for me!

I haven't decided what to weave first: I don't know if I should do a sampler to refresh some of the techniques, particularly the various interlock techniques... and weft directions... or do something more interesting than that.. or both. There's PLENTY of warp (about 7 or 8 feet since I warped the loom with a dowel in back so that I can use all of the warp).. but I doubt the warp is quality warp, and because of that I opted to use Briggs & Little Regal which is reasonably easy to get... the next warp I'll use will be a good quality, probably cotton seine twine, which I will get as soon as I can afford it.

We WILL still be finishing the copper loom: this loom may be my go-to loom, though, it's wider than the copper loom will be...

I currently have 2 paintings showing at the Wine Therapist in Dallas. One is mixed media with acrylic paint, threads, sequins and rhinestones;  the other is acrylic paint on canvas. We didn't get to the opening because of Gary's work schedule: if he had been able to get out at exactly 10pm, we might have made it. We still need to get over there to see the show. Maybe next time he has a day off...

The paintings feature my character "Girl-Blob", which I came up with in the late 1970s when I was in college. I found a couple of pictures of her when browsing through my old sketchbook. I'm glad we didn't lose the storage stuff in the wildfire for sure!

No photos today (except for the Crisp loom photo) maybe next time!


  1. Hi! Aren't these looms pretty?! I just acquired one, however it has no manual and I have no idea how to warp/weave on it. Do you have a manual? If so, would you be willing to share a copy of it? I would so appreciate it! Many thanks for your time.

  2. Aren't these looms pretty? I just acquired one, but have to manual. I have managed to figured out how to put it together, but have no clue how to warp it. Do you have the manual and would you be willing to share a copy? I would so appreciate it! Many thanks for your time!

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  4. Here is the loom manual link for anyone who needs it:


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