Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sampler Progress: 1st Week of October

I'm liking the latest weather and it was even COLD last night: I pulled out a second blanket. Between that and Marshmallow sitting on my butt, I was warm.  Here is a photo of her sitting on Gary while he slept:

Isn't she pretty? We're pretty sure that Crookshanks is her father. Her momma is now spayed. I don't know if we'll be able to get Crookshanks neutered or not because he has gone feral. He has been seen, but has not come back into the house in several weeks, so who knows. He may have gotten spooked by something. :(

ANYWAY, I've been working on the tapestry sampler from Tapestry 101 by Kathe Todd-Hooker all week (and have been referring to my other books as well).  I took pictures every day, except the one day I took off. Here they are:




 The dates represent the morning I took them, the section shown was completed the night before, when photos wouldn't look so good...

More to come!

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