Wednesday, October 30, 2013

this, that & the other.. or maybe just this...

I was fiddling around with the blog profile and blog title... I've changed the title 2 or 3 times.. originally I think it was Patchwork Girl Paints.. then Patchwork Girl Weaves Tapestries & Paints! Today I changed it to Patchwork Girl, Tapestry Weaver and Sometimes Painter. Maybe it should be Sunday painter since I don't dig the paints out very often. I'm more drawn to working with fibers.

I think I shall weave tonight. I was stuck on a section and have not woven in a few days, but I think that for now, I will skip that section and go back to the exercise another time. I pretty much have the hang of how to do the hatching technique, and this was an exercise in hatching and floating bars. I think the next technique is soumak. I'm looking forward to learning more soumak techniques. I only know the simplest form of it now, the form that is often used to space the warp or in the case of Rebecca Mezoff's tutorial for how to mount a tapestry, I used it in my latest tapestry for the fold of the hem.

I think I've got a couple more inches woven since the last photo, and will post another photo/group of photos later this week.

I was thinking about how I would weave more if I had more than one loom with a decent shedding system and then I thought.. hey, I could weave on the other side of the Crisp. The only possible problem would be moving the magic heddle bar & also I don't know if the other side of the loom is more or less the same as the side I'm working on. Another option would be to rotate the warp. I'll go look after I finish writing this blog entry. 

The other thing is that I'm not sure what i'd weave. I have a possible cartoon and I also would like to do some free-range weaving with some ideas in mind, without a cartoon. I used to do needlepoint in a very similar style that I'm doing on the sampler, various shapes, playing with color, mixing different colors in the needlepoint thread bundle.

I ALSO have another loom that just needs to be finished being built and it would also be nice to set up a stand for it that rotates similar to how the Crisp rotates. I can put the loom frame on my lap if I want to and work semi-horizontally.

Enough rambling for now! :) Tata for now, my pretties!

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