Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wine Therapist Show paintings

We STILL have not made it over to the Wine Therapist in Dallas to see our paintings, but hopefully we'll be able to get over there on Gary's next day off, maybe, HOPEFULLY tomorrow if we get the tire replaced on the car early enough for it to be worth going.  Right now, we have the spare on the left front & we don't want to take that long a trip with a spare tire...

Here are our paintings:

This was Gary's first painting since he was a kid, pretty good, eh?  He has some others planned, alone the same basic theme.

When we get out there, I'll post more photos from the show...

I cropped my face out of the picture because I had a weird expression on it... if you don't like it, TOUGH! I like the profile photo of me, I haven't changed that much... I'm getting better, but my heart reallly is more with tapestry weaving. More of that in newer entries as I have several photos that I want to share from the last week's progress.


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