Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mirrix-Brennan loom is warped! Another needlepoint canvas found...

We sort of finished putting the Mirrix-Brennan loom together yesterday, just need to do some more work on it to make a stand.  I warped it last night and then twined the bottom and top together to make a single sided (shorter) warp and this morning I started putting the heddles on. Will do a bit of weaving in a bit and will have photos in a day or two... the art guild meeting is tonight and I plan to take this loom along as well as the long sampler for show and tell night. I may take the little loom along also, and the Girlblob tapestry postcard that I did last summer.

Needlepoint babble:

I also found another needlepoint canvas, this one appears to me a nice one, albeit a little dirty/stained. I looked it up online and found two finished versions of it for sale... one on eBay and another on  Here they are, I'll take my own photo later, will see about giving it a gentle scrub to get the stains out, or maybe I should wait until blocking time, if I ever get this one done.. the top one, on Dollyjane's site says it's a pink hummingbird and the one on eBay says it is a Kingfisher. Anyone else know better?

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