Friday, January 10, 2014

Show and Tell Night at Chisholm Trail Art Guild

Here are 2 pictures from last night's show and tell:

 Here I am explaning how the shed changer works.

I may not be using a shed stick with this loom as the shed Stays Open... this is one difference between the Mirrix shedding device and the Crisp's. I still plan to continue using the Crisp loom, though may make some modifications to it.

The sampler is on my shoulder! It's too stiff to use as a shawl or blanket but I may make a bag out of it or may just hang it on the wall...

Here I am talking about different techniques used in the weaving of the sampler:

Other people talked about books and calendars. Overall a fun night. I'm looking forward to getting a cochlear implant sometime in the next few months so that I won't be so lost at meetings...

I still need to get some good pictures of the loom..

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