Friday, January 31, 2014

Weaving from Old Times

The boys and I did the following pieces in the late 90s...

The orange & green piece above was a miniature Navajo sampler from Noel Bennett & Tiana Bighorse's books.. I believe it was from "Weaving With the Wool", which is now only available as a used book. I don't know if their newer book (which is a combination of the first book & Designing with the Wool) "Navajo Weaving Way" is still in print or not. Good books!

The piece on the right was an experiment with a Navajo design. Both were done on the Tornadowood paperback loom (no longer in production). All the pieces on this page were done on Tornadowood paperback looms...

The 2 pieces above are "magic carpets" that I helped my son Harrison make... 

Evan did the piece above

Micah did the piece above. I found these on my website. I only had the thumbnail version of Micah's piece (which is why it is so fuzzy)...  Evan and Micah were around 4 years old and Harrison was around 2... (I did say he had a lot of help but he picked out the colors and did the actual weaving... I probably just beat the yarn into place...)

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